Discover the reason behind our unique Virginality

Water, where everything comes from

Virgen Artesian Mineral Water lies in the depths of the Arequita hill. It owes its name (Are-Cua- Tia) “River of the high Stone Cave” to the Guaranies, Amerindians who inhabited this natural sanctuary during the pre-columbian era.
Many legends and passions are woven around this hilltop. Since immemorial times, the Arequita has been considered a sacred place, and it is said that the souls of the past keep enchanting this mystical place, where peace, harmony, freshness and vitality invades the visitors instantly.

Uruguay has one of the lowest levels of contamination in the world. Here, nature in its pristine state has remained as in the beginning of time, preserving the purity of our water. 



The natural source of Virgen Water arises from a very particular geological environment. This area of Uruguay gathered rocks of different ages throughout the years. The latest datings show that the region of Lavalleja, where the source is located, is home to some of the oldest rock formations in South America (estimated to be 3.5 billion years old) coexisting harmoniously with younger rocks, creating an incomparable geological frame to filter and contain our water. The location of these geological materials and our understanding of their unique characteristics is the explanation for the exceptional properties and superior taste in Virgen Water.

The Underground

The exceptional volcanic formation is estimated to be 300 million years old that protects, filters and mineralises Virgen Water in a unique way, providing an unbeatable nitrate-free virginality.


The underground passageway made up of limestone, filters and mineralizes Virgen Water in a unique way, providing an unbeatable nitrate free virginality. These unusual rock formations have acted as an ancient incubator, producing some of the world’s finest mineral waters, combining a perfect mineral balance and superb taste: a taste captured in every bottle of Virgen Water. Nature in its pristine state has remained as in the beginning of time, preserving the purity of our water.

Artesian Aquifer

The artesian Aquifer is confined and pressurised under the earths surface so that it has no way out or contact with other aquifers. As a result, the water comes into contact only with the rock that protects and nourishes it.
There it rests for decades, until the aquifer is tapped and the pristine water is then directly bottled at Virgen’s ecoplant.

Life in a Bottle

In this way, Virgen Natural Mineral Water has a perfect balance of minerals and oligoelements and also a great level of virginality as evidenced by the absence of nitrate (pollutants), which makes it one of the most delightful waters in the world, light and pure. A gift of Nature for our senses.
Virgen Water is bottled at its own source in a specially designed ecological plant, in order to maintain unchanged the original state and quality of this exclusive water.