Water is life, our body is made of 70% of water. Hydration is essential for the optimal performance of our body and mind. Each day, an average adult loses about 3 liters of water under normal conditions, this water must be replaced. The perfect physicochemical composition and the soft mineralization of Virgen Water, as well as its plausible flavor, making it delightful to drink water to fill this vital need, regulating our body temperature and helping eliminate toxins. Drinking Virgen Organic Mineral Water -100% natural- nitrates-free, and without any treatment or additive, is the secret for keeping a young and healthy skin. Health is beauty.

An organic mineral water as Virgen, has a perfect combination of natural essential minerals and trace elements, these are quicker and more effectively assimilated by our body than those contained in food. The perfect balance of calcium and magnesium hardness of Virgen water is equivalent to one of our body, therefore, it is optimal for digestion and its requirements.

The taste and smoothness of Virgen Water, enhances our senses making it key element to accompany any fine wine or exquisite meal.

The sodium contained in drinking water has been included in the Contaminant Candidate List of the EPA. Since high levels of sodium may be associated with hypertension and fluid retention, the lower the level of sodium in water, the more beneficial it becomes. Virgen Natural Mineral Water, with its low sodium content, 5.6 mg/l. preserves our health and beauty day by day.