Still, Virgen is the perfect companion to the best selection of gourmet meals and enhances flavor of dessert and coffee, besides being the first choice for full bodied and powerful wines issued from strains such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. Its structure, composition and character allow it to combine with the greatest wines.

Lightly carbonated, Virgen is ideal for gastronomic cuisine of subtle flavors. With its low acidity, soft and fine bubbles, it combines prefectly along with fish, hot seafood preparations in rich sauces and butter creams. Highlights alcoholic red wines, rounds and balanced. A slightly mineralized water as Virgen is the first choice of gourmet restaurants. Virgen Natural Mineral Water with its subtle touches of smoothness gives back to food and wine their full dimension.


Water stimulates the appetite, neutralizes the too heavy and extreme taste sensations, and at the same time, is the best natural taste enhancer. A sip of water well adapted, helps to highlight the authentic taste of a meal. The water not only highlights the taste, but also cleanses the palate and stimulates the taste buds, revealing the true flavors and aromas of the dishes and drinks.